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    Non Toxic Way Tap Your Troubles Away With No Side Effects!

    Well, you just might be able to with a technique used for anxiety, stress, and overcoming negative beliefs called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Also known as “tapping”, it involves stimulating various meridians in the body through acupressure points by literally tapping them. It is a technique used to free yourself of negative thoughts, beliefs, and […] More

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    Don’t Just Take Their Word For It: Make Conscious Choices When Buying Organic

    There was lots of buzz at this year’s Natural Products Expo West about a new trend in agriculture called regenerative agriculture. The huge trade show attracts people in the natural and organic business annually. This year, a huge concern was the future of regenerative agriculture and the need for establishing certification procedures and definitions surrounding […] More

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    Obesity and Sugar Intake Continue to Rise

    While we have become more aware of the problem of obesity, still, obesity levels continue to rise in the United States. The Journal of the American Medical Association just released new data showing that 40 percent of adults in the US fell within the obesity criteria in 2015 and 2016, which is much higher than […] More